Bryan Rotarians honored on the District 5910 Roll of Fame

Allen Ater 2002
John E. Anderson 2005
Garland Bayliss 1994
Homer T. Blackhurst  
John Delaney 2011
Norma Jean Dalton 2003
Ken Dirks 1998
Charley Gilliland 2015
Merrill L. Green PDG
Ernst Haertig  
Ron Hammond 2010
John W. Hill  
Walter Hinkle 2016
Dave Johnson 2007
Austin Kerley  
Penny King 2012
Shelley Nelson 2014
Jennifer "Bunny" Pratt 2013
Reba Ragsdale 2006
Holly Rees 1993
John Reynolds 2000
Howard Ritchey  
James Simpson, Jr. PDG 1990
Stephanie Simpson 2019
Mike Southerland 2001
Paul Van Riper 2008
Janie Williams 2009

Requirements for Roll of Fame Nominees.

Minimum criteria to be used for selecting Roll of Fame nominees: (Article XV, District By-laws)

1. Honoree must have served as an officer or director of a Rotary Club and must have been a Rotarian in one (1) or more clubs for five (5) years prior to submission of the honoree’s name.
2. Honoree must have an above average attendance record.
3. Honoree should have attended Rotary clubs other than the club of the honoree, and must have attended at least one (1) District Conference and one (1) District Assembly.
4. Honoree should have chaired or actively served on several club committees in more than one of the Avenues of Service.
5. Outstanding service in Rotary shall be the primary consideration. Civic accomplishments may be mentioned in submitted biography, but shall not be a basis for recognition.
6. The name of a Rotarian, previously enrolled in the Roll of Fame should not be submitted.
7. Honoree is expected to appear in person at District Conference to receive and accept the honor.

If no member of the club fits the criteria for any given year, such club shall not submit a nominee for such year.